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Publié le 05/07/2024

On Wednesday, July 3rd, in Strasbourg, the laureates of the CinEuro Prize were unveiled during the traditional Forum Alentours evening, organized at ARTE. The participants, who had attended the pitches of the author-producer tandems that very morning, were captivated by the diversity and quality of the projects in competition and found the predictions difficult due to the high level of competition!

The jury, composed of representatives from the 10 partners of the CinEuro Prize, made their choice:


Writer & director: Paul Vincent de Lestrade

Production: Need Productions (BE)

Coproduction: Tripode Productions (FR)

SYNOPSIS : Eva, 14 years old, has been raised in a radical nationalist extremist group by a single father who taught her everything and whom she admires more than anyone. Until she discovers that he is ready to kill…



Writer: Alexis Metzinger

Director: Donato Rotunno

Production: Tarantula Luxembourg (LU)

Coproduction: Cerigo Films (FR)

SYNOPSIS : Told as a thriller, “Europe’s Capital – The Dispute over the Seat” is a political-media saga that traces seventy years of disappointed ideals and secret negotiations, dramatic declarations, and sudden reversals of fortune. Should there be a single, efficient capital? Or, on the contrary, should institutions be scattered to bring them closer to the population? What unfolds through this little-known history is the very imagination of today’s Europe with its successes and failures, its symbols, and its ongoing quest for legitimacy.

More information on the CinEuro Prize on the dedicated page: 

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