CinEuro Film Lab

A new offer

To support scriptwriters in the development of film ideas linked to the territories.

Brussels, Wallonia, Luxembourg, the Saarland, Rhineland-Palatinate, Baden-Württemberg, the Greater East and northern Switzerland have a great deal in common, and these commonalities can be brought to life in stories through the characters, the setting, the landscapes, typical geographical, historical and economic features, the relationship with borders, the identity or culture.

The concept : an incubator for film projects

The CinEuro Film Lab thus aims to encourage the creation of new projects by finding inspiring subjects right from the writing phase, through

  • visits to emblematic locations or places with high storytelling potential
  • meetings with witnesses and experts on a variety of subjects

In a second phase, authors will receive cross-border support for the development of their projects through

  • writing workshops
  • professionalization workshops on various techniques and approaches

Finally, projects will be pushed towards production through

  • pitch sessions with producers and broadcasters
  • professional meetings
  • participation in delegations of professionals at major film markets
  • Forum Alentours, an annual co-production market in Strasbourg.

Sequences in progress