Support fund for film and audiovisual production (2. film section)

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Funding details

Region :

Eurométropole de Strasbourg

Production stage(s) :

Postproduction, Production

Type of financial support :

Purchase of rights

Expected local effect :


Eligible expenses :

Expenditure in the Eurometropole of Strasbourg territory for the equivalent of a minimum of 150% of the amount of the financing request excluding taxes – excluding provisions for the broadcasters industry Use local human resources and equipment Incur expenditure on a local level for at least 2 of the 5 film-making stages: - development - preparation - filming (minimum 50% for short films and 20% for long feature films) - making the animation (20% of the total amount of the works) - post-production

Allocation decision process :

View of themed advisory boards

Beneficiaries :


Film genre :

Animation, Long feature film (documentary), Long feature film (fiction), Short film

Maximum amount of financial assistance :

100,000 € max.

30,000 € (short films)
70,000 € (long feature films / documentaries)
100,000 € (long feature films / fiction-animation)

Submission schedule :

3 calls for projects per year: - 15 November - 15 March - 15 June

Eligibility requirements :

Production established in the EU or EEA. If outside the EU: it must be represented by a French coproducer

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