Aide au concept des œuvres audiovisuelles et cinématographiques

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Funding details

Region :

Eurométropole de Strasbourg

Production stage(s) :

Concept - pre-writing

Type of financial support :

Grant, Mentoring

Beneficiaries :


Film genre :

Short film, Animation, Audiovisual documentary, TV fiction, Innovative digital narrative forms, Long feature film (documentary), Long feature film (fiction), TV series (documentary), TV series (fiction)

Maximum amount of financial assistance :

5 000 € max.

The concept grant offers support for film and audiovisual creation over a one-year period, including two components: - A grant to support the development of the project, - Mentoring in the form of group workshops for emerging authors.

Submission schedule :

Next deadline: 19 February 2024

Eligibility requirements :

Candidates must live in the Strasbourg Eurométrople and be at least 18 years old at the time of application.
Particular attention will be paid to emerging candidates and those from priority neighborhoods.
Experience in the artistic field will be appreciated.
The format is free (feature film, short film, series, etc.).

The project submitted must not exceed 7 pages (including visuals and in a minimum font size of 10 and a maximum font size of 12) and must include:

  • Free presentation of the author (1 to 2 pages)
  • Motivation for the project: a statement of intent specifying the issues and questions related to the project (1 to 2 pages)
  • A presentation of the project, including a short summary (5 pages maximum)

The territorial anchoring of the subject of the future work is not a mandatory criterion, but will be appreciated.

Règlement aide au concept See website for further information