Workshop "Writing about regional content"

Technical workshop Publié le 07/03/2022

Balimage brought together authors, producers and students for a workshop on “writing about regional content” on Friday, February 25. About thirty participants attended the workshop.

Welcomed by Philipp Cueni, president of Balimage, the journalist Peter Schenk and Markus Moehring, director of the Dreiland Museum, addressed the different ways to “read” a region, and to identify stories and locations in it. Max Disbeaux, the author of the series “Fessenheim 75” also had the opportunity to present his project as a regional setting and international theme.

In the afternoon, the author of the series “Bad Banks”, Jan Galli, spoke about the treatment of local events and how a personal regional story can reach an audience beyond the region. The authors and students were also able to present some of the projects they are writing and gather some valuable tips and opinions.




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