CinEuro Film lab "Migration" : 2nd part in Freiburg

Inspiration tour Publié le 24/01/2024

Following a launch in Mannheim on November 21 and 22, 13 scriptwriters taking part in the 1st CinEuro Film Lab on the theme of Migration were delighted to meet up again in Freiburg on Wednesday.

After a shared lunch, they braved the cold to visit Freiburg’s unique Grether district. This former city factory, shut down after the war, escaped demolition thanks to a citizens’ initiative to occupy the houses in the 1980s. A representative of the movement, which led to the installation of social housing and the preservation of community life, spoke about the eventful history of the site.

Two nurseries, a café, the Dreyeckland radio station, several workshops, the women’s and lesbian center, the social movement archives and various other initiatives now rub shoulders around the courtyard in a relaxed atmosphere.

The tour then continued under the guidance of Peter Kalchthaler, an art historian from Freiburg. Through Freiburg’s city center, he recounted several aspects of its history, including its construction, urbanization, fortifications, the place of its university, the history of the Jewish, Roma and Sinti communities, and the French military occupation, with many details and anecdotes at various points in the city. The tour ended at Fribourg Cathedral, a jewel of the Middle Ages.

This inspiring visit showed in many places the city’s strong links with its direct border neighbors France and Switzerland, as well as the influence of other European countries such as Austria, Italy and England.

The team of authors came away with a wealth of ideas and information. The practical work began the next day, at Black Forest Studios, with a workshop led by Jan Galli, author of the Bad Banks series.

Visite du "Grether Gelände"
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