Perron X GmbH


PERRON X GmbH was founded in April 2020 by an interdisciplinary team of media professionals. Our long-standing cross-media expertise combines feature film, documentary film, TV series, as well as theater, set design and spatial design, as well as gastronomy, museum work in the field of art, digital mediation and communication.

Starting from our location in Basel, we put a special focus on the trinational crossover by anchoring in the immediate triangle CH/D/F. Our ambition is to reach our audience in collaboration with our partners in an international context.

We develop feature films and documentaries, series concepts as well as formats for non-linear storytelling with transmedia potential. With a great deal of commitment and passion, we accompany both established authors/directors and up-and-coming filmmakers in the development and realization of their artistic visions, both dramaturgically and production-wise. We want to touch and involve the audience with culturally and socially engaged content and promote a broader view of the world.

Interdisciplinary teamwork and collaborations form our basis for reflecting the constant changes in media reception and also for taking unorthodox paths. PERRON X is a platform for projects with international appeal, continuous intermedial networking and worldwide collaborations.

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