Structural funding for image sector content production companies

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Funding details

Region :

Eurométropole de Strasbourg

Production stage(s) :

Development, Broadcast, Distribution, Writing, Postproduction, Production, Promotion

Type of financial support :


Allocation decision process :

View of the Selection Committee

Beneficiaries :

Production companies

Film genre :

Animation, Short film, Audiovisual documentary, TV fiction, Long feature film (documentary), Long feature film (fiction), Transmedia projects, TV-Streaming Programm, TV series (documentary), TV series (fiction), Innovative digital narrative forms

Maximum amount of financial assistance :

20 000 € max.

Submission schedule :

Once per year, in the autumn

Eligibility requirements :

Meet all of these criteria:

– production companies the head office of which is located in the Eurometropole of Strasbourg territory or which have employed at least one permanent employee in the territory for at least 2 years
– companies with less than 250 employees, that do not belong more than 25% to a group with a total employee headcount of more than 250 people
– companies the main business of which is producing audiovisual, cultural, film, edutainment original creation works, video games, virtual reality creations
– balanced financing, having produced at least one marketed or broadcast content in the two years before the application

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