Wallimage Entreprises/Gaming - Support for audiovisual companies, gaming companies and digital agencies

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Funding details

Region :


Production stage(s) :

Development, Broadcast, Distribution, Writing, Postproduction, Production, Promotion

Type of financial support :

Equity take-out, loan 

Eligible expenses :

Maximum 50% of needs identified. If equity take-out: 49% maximum of the subscribed equity. The share of public financing cannot be more than 50% of the total financing. A same company can benefit from investments from several funds.

Allocation decision process :

Board of directors on the basis of analysing the management team

Beneficiaries :


Submission schedule :

At any stage of the company’s maturity and before its establishment

Eligibility requirements :

Companies that have or wish to set up a head and/or operations office in Wallonia and the business of which is dedicated to audiovisual are eligible:
– film services, sound studios, animation studios, special effects studios, post-production companies, film equipment hire companies, etc.
– development revolving around audiovisual technologies
– production of innovative content (innovative in that it goes beyond the scope of actions of Wallimage Coproductions, that is long-feature films, fiction and animation TV series and documentaries) and TV production companies
– video game studios
– creative digital agencies with a high audiovisual dimension
– active in the Musictech sector

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