Support for cross-border cultural cooperation

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Funding details

Region :

Grand Est

Production stage(s) :

Development, Broadcast, Distribution, Writing, Postproduction, Production, Promotion

Type of financial support :


Eligible expenses :

Expenditure related directly to carrying out the project excluding promoting contributions in kind (volunteering, provision of movie theatres, etc.), accounting adjustments, bank charges and investment

Allocation decision process :

"View of the Culture Commission Vote in the Permanent Commission"

Beneficiaries :

Cultural professionals

Film genre :

Long feature film (documentary), Long feature film (fiction)

Submission schedule :

"Application filing date deadline: - 31 January of year N for projects starting between June and September of year N - 31 May of year N for projects starting between October of year N and January of N+1 - 15 October of year N for projects starting between February and May of year N+1"

Eligibility requirements :

The recipient and project partners must be located in the Grand Est Region or its bordering regions (Länder of Baden-Württemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate and Sarre; Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg; Wallonia-Brussels Federation and German-speaking Community of Belgium)
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Région Grand Est

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