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Region :


Production stage(s) :


Type of financial support :


Expected local effect :


Eligible expenses :

The funding is granted for developing a film (global concept including the creative elements of production, financing, marketing, distribution and showing of the film).

Allocation decision process :

The director makes their decision on the recommendation of the financing committee, made up of members from the film field. The selection committee meets once a year.

Beneficiaries :

Authors, Production companies, Producers, Directors

Film genre :

Animation, Innovative digital narrative forms, Short film, Audiovisual documentary, TV fiction, Long feature film (documentary), Long feature film (fiction), TV series (documentary), TV series (fiction)

Maximum amount of financial assistance :

20 000 € max.

Submission schedule :

Filing usually takes place in July.

Eligibility requirements :


The financing is granted according to the quality of the project and:
– on condition that the project has a cultural reference or any other link with the Sarre or the Greater Region, and/or
– on condition that the project represents an economic interest for the Sarre or the Greater Region


The cultural reference or the connection with the Sarre are established if:
– the project content is closely connected to the Sarre or
– the project initiator has their head office in the Sarre or
– the measure is already supported by another German financing organisation and the supervisory committee or a legal entity in which the supervisory committee holds a significant take-out, is the owner of the television rights.


The economic interest is recognised if the funding granted is spent in the Sarre specifically for film, television and media (regional effect). It is the same for the Greater Region.


The subsidised project must correspond to the aims of these guiding principles. The subsidies can only be granted in the framework of the funding of the economic plan drawn up by the Saarland Medien. The Saarland Medien does not have any financing obligation.


A subsidised project must refer to the Saarland Medien financing during its presentations and in all its publications.

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