Wallimage Coproductions - funding for 'standart' formats

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Funding details

Region :


Production stage(s) :

Postproduction, Production

Type of financial support :

Advance on earnings

Expected local effect :

150% (minimum according to the regulation)

Eligible expenses :

Expenditure incurred in the Wallonia region with a connection to the audiovisual sector. It is the head office that is the reference or the place of residence in the case of a natural person. Distinction of two types of Walloon audiovisual service companies: the "Walloon Gold AV Provider" label can be granted to animation studios and VFX studios only if these studios meet certain conditions

Allocation decision process :

The Wallimage SA board of directors on the basis of the view given by the management team’s technical group

Beneficiaries :


Film genre :

TV fiction, Long feature film (fiction), Audiovisual documentary, Long feature film (documentary), TV series (documentary), TV series (fiction), Short film, Animation, Innovative digital narrative forms

Maximum amount of financial assistance :

400 000 € max.

Submission schedule :

5 sessions per year

Eligibility requirements :

Recipient commercial enterprise with no direct or indirect connection with a radio broadcaster. The producer must not be placed under the authority of a public authority.
Audiovisual production company with its head office in the EU or in a Member State of the European Free Trade Association.
If an investment is granted to a production company that does not have its main head office in Belgium, at the time the first instalment is paid, it will have to prove that it has a subsidiary, branch or permanent agency in Belgium employing at least one person full-time or that the intervention can be paid to a Belgian company that is a co-signatory to the investment agreement.

The eligibility of expenditure in Wallonia has the double conditions of:
– a minimum of €300,000
– a minimum of 150% of the investment applied for

For a long-feature film or a TV series (documentary) or a VR/AR project, the minimum is brought to 20% of the total budget with a ceiling of €75,000.

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