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Region :

Kanton Basel-Landschaft

Kanton Basel-Stadt

Production stage(s) :


Type of financial support :

Non-repayable contribution

Allocation decision process :

Payment is made on the basis of the committee making an assessment of the suitable character of the approach and feasibility. The contributions are made by semi-automatic financing.

Beneficiaries :


Film genre :

Animation, Short film, Audiovisual documentary, TV fiction, Long feature film (documentary), Long feature film (fiction), TV series (documentary), TV series (fiction)

Maximum amount of financial assistance :

2 500 CHF max.

Submission schedule :

Real time

Eligibility requirements :

Swiss-majority production companies that have already received the support of the cantons of Basel during the production phase

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Fachausschuss Film und Medienkunst BS/BL

Marktplatz 30A, 4001 Basel, Suisse


Caroline Prod'hom (Fachausschuss BS/BL)

Département culture du Canton de Bâle-Ville