Cineworld financial selective support (AFS) for a long feature documentary film – Luxembourg coproductions put forward by a foreign film-maker

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Funding details

Region :


Production stage(s) :

Postproduction, Production

Type of financial support :

Advance on earnings

Expected local effect :


Allocation decision process :

Selective mechanism. A selection committee made up of external experts and representatives of the Film Fund assesses the projects on the basis of an assessment table made up of the project visibility and artistic elements, and decides if the funding is attributed.

Beneficiaries :


Film genre :

Long feature film (documentary)

Maximum amount of financial assistance :

55 000€ max.

Submission schedule :

Two fund application dates per year (they are communicated by circular and on the Fund website)

Eligibility requirements :

The beneficiary is a film production company registered in Luxembourg. The Luxembourgish (co)producer must present the application for funding via a dedicated online platform.

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Film Fund Luxembourg

5 Rue Plaetis, Luxembourg