“Carte Blanche” funding

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Funding details

Region :


Production stage(s) :


Type of financial support :


Allocation decision process :

Selective mechanism. A committee made up of two member of the Fund board of directors and an external expert consultant assesses the projects and decides if the subsidy is attributed.

Beneficiaries :

Authors, Producers, Directors

Film genre :

Innovative digital narrative forms

Maximum amount of financial assistance :

30 000€ max.

Submission schedule :

Two fund application dates per year (they are communicated by circular and on the Fund website)

Eligibility requirements :

Luxembourgish production companies or not for profit organisations or any physical person taking on the role of producer with Luxembourgish nationality or resident in Luxembourg for 18 months or with a proven connection to Luxembourg.

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Film Fund Luxembourg

5 Rue Plaetis, Luxembourg