Funding for developing film and audiovisual works or intended for new media

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Region :

Grand Est

Production stage(s) :


Type of financial support :


Expected local effect :


Eligible expenses :

"- accommodation, meals and travel costs directly related to re-writing in the form of a “getting to know the territory” residency in the Grand Est region - costs related to location scouting work by the producer, author/scriptwriter or director or calling on regional technical resources enlisting the support of the Film-shoot Reception Office / Grand Est Culture Agency (accommodation, meals and travel to and in the Grand Est, using a location scout based in the Grand Est) - costs related to consulting a script-doctor - for the film-shoot, filming and post-production of a teaser or demonstration reel: hiring technical equipment (cameras, sound, lighting, machinery, vehicles); as well as salary and social charges as well as accommodation, meals and travel for authors, directors, composers, soundtrack performers, technicians, actors, extras, who have a fiscal address in the territory; for appointed production companies with a fiscal address based in the Grand Est: all costs related to prospecting operations to look for a coproducer, distributors, broadcasters on markets, trade shows, festivals, etc. 50% of the royalties (if local), 50% of the salary and social charges for producers and production teams and 50% of general costs can be included in the eligible expenditure, up to a limit of 50% of the total amount of expenditure in the Grand Est, for an amount capped at €15,000."

Allocation decision process :

"View of the Consultative Committee View of the Culture Commission Vote in the Permanent Commission"

Beneficiaries :


Film genre :

Audiovisual documentary, Innovative digital narrative forms, TV fiction, Long feature film (documentary), Long feature film (fiction), TV series (documentary), TV series (fiction)

Maximum amount of financial assistance :

10 000€ max.

Submission schedule :

"3 calls for projects per year: - 15 November - 15 March - 15 June"

Eligibility requirements :

– Production company established in the EU or the EEA
– Ambitious artistic interest for the Grand Est Region
– Project that meets at least two of the following four criteria:
1. the author or director has a fiscal address in the Grand Est region and works there on a regular basis
2. the appointed production company applying has a fiscal address in the Grand Est region and undertakes regular production work there
3. the author and/or director has noteworthy professional artistic path in the Grand Est and their project is mainly in the context of production, filming, or post-production in in the Grand Est (a moral undertaking will be requested)
4. the project must present 100% of the expenditure of the funding applied for or granted in the Grand Est, directly linked to the project’s development

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Région Grand Est

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