Cross-border shootings

Assistance in your day to day

The CinEuro territory is a land of recordings that has a great wealth of skills, talents, scenery and resources through the cross-border cooperation of its partner countries. In order to optimise filming in this promising area and to support filmmakers in the preparation and organisation of their film projects, we are working to sustainably strengthen cooperation with the referents of our partner regions. In response to this resolution, several actions and tools have already been created, aimed at diverse audiences.

Our activities

  1. Workshops for filmmakers, giving them an overview of the diversity of the region – be it the imaginary around the region, singular locations with unique stories, or professional teams with specific, regional skills.
  2. Proactive project groups consisting of the heads of the film commissions of our partner regions, who are always committed to making cross-border filming even more accessible.
  3. Educ’tours for producers, giving them the opportunity to discover both film locations and the teams of technicians who know the characteristics of their territory and can therefore offer the best possible service.

Our added value

We are in close contact with the film commissions of all partner countries. The CinEuro regional advisors know each other and are aware of the respective competences of the partner countries. This enables filmmakers to produce across national borders and to find exactly the services they are looking for in each region – without having to travel long distances.

Our map of the network also provides producers with an overview of the resources and skills that can be found in the CinEuro region.