Promotion of cross-border co-productions

Building a new dynamic to promote film distribution

The distribution and circulation of cinematographic and audiovisual productions represent the final stages of the production life cycle of a film and contribute to the financing of its creation. Therefore, the improved promotion and distribution of co-produced films in the cross-border area is also one of the objectives of the CinEuro project.

Promoting cross-border co-productions

CinEuro deploys several actions to promote access to a wide audience to films co-produced in the CinEuro cooperation area, and to participate in their export to the partner regions. Meet us at professional meetings at the FIF in Nancy, at the Berlinale, at the Forum Alentours, and at many other festivals!

Improving cooperation between broadcasters

CinEuro provides a framework for networking and exchange between broadcasters in the cross-border area through the organisation of various events specifically dedicated to them:

  • Cinema operators
  • TV channels
  • Distributors
  • Festivals

For each area of activity, the representatives of the structures will be invited to these meetings, which will allow them to share experiences, reflect on possible collaborations and take into account the interest in a more regular dialogue among each other in this geographical area.