Find out how to produce in an eco-friendly way in the CinEuro area!

Producing a film while respecting the environment: a noble objective, and one that is possible on the scale of a territory like CinEuro. Practices are evolving, regulations are adapting from one end of the film production chain to the other. From the integration of eco-responsible values in the writing of your script to post-production in a green studio, via short circuits or the exchange of equipment and sets, come and discover what the CinEuro project can offer you, thanks to its partnership with more than 40 institutions in charge of supporting film and audiovisual production in Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland and the Grand Est region!

Training in greenshooting

The CinEuro project partners are all committed to an environmentaly friendly film industry. Discover with them:

  • Existing trainings and tools: How to become a green manager, how to calculate the carbon footprint of a film-professionals are there to guide you!
  • Good practices in the field: from waste recycling on set, to energy consumption or transport of equipment. Workshops and events dedicated to the practice of green shooting will allow us to compare approaches from one country to another and to share the knowledge acquired, in order to transform limitations into everyday gestures.

Join a network

It is by working with local service providers or by using a resource that is right across the border instead of looking for it on the other side of the world that the proximity of the CinEuro network becomes clear. Use our catalogue of green service providers to search for a specific skill or discover a studio during a cross-border educ’tour, gaining access to the information shared by partners from Belgium to Switzerland: each territory is rich in know-how and skills!