CinEuro Upper Rhine

CinEuro Upper Rhine

CinEuro Upper Rhine is a cross-border cooperation project that promotes exchange and collaboration between film and audiovisual actors in the Upper Rhine region. It initiates a regular dialogue on the main challenges associated with cross-border co-productions: Film funding, filming supervision, and cross-border exploitation of productions.

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Cross-border challenges

It also reflects on the future challenges of the sector: Greenshooting and new formats.

The geographical scope of the INTERREG CinEuro project covers the Upper Rhine and includes the Grand Est region, Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate as well as the cantons of Basel-Stadt, Basel-Land and Aargau.

The goals

The CinEuro Upper Rhine project pursues goals that are tailored to the challenges and potentials of the Upper Rhine area:

  • Deepening and structuring the cooperation initiated within the framework of the “Film in Upper Rhine” project in the priority thematic fields: Film financing, cross-border exploitation, promotion of the Upper Rhine filming location, new content and innovative formats as well as green shooting.
  • Establish a regular dialogue between the appropiate institutions and strengthen the exchange between the different professional actors on these key factors of attractiveness and competitiveness of the sector.
  • Increasing the attractiveness of the cross-border film area for regional filmmakers and attracting more and more international filmmakers.
  • Expanding the existing network via the online tool, events aimed at professionals at major festivals and events in the region and strengthening the presence on festivals at European and international level.

In addition, the network is to be opened up to the territory of the Greater Region. Through coordination with the CinEuro Greater Region project, the link between regional film industries will be strengthened, as well as the articulation of existing capacities and resources at cross-border level.

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The partners

The cross-border film area, consisting of the two projects, offers considerable potential for development. The gradual and reciprocal opening of cross-border activities enables the networking of filmmakers, the improvement of the visibility of this area on an international level as well as the use of complementary potentials.

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